Lining plate

TU 22.1-30487486-002: 2013 lining plate
  Ltd. "Arlite" produces and sells rubber-fabric conveyor belts and products unvulcanized rubber compounds for TU 600152135.040-96, developed a production of vulcanized rubber plates on TU 22.1-30487486-002: 2013, for the lining of the drums of belt conveyors that are operated in the coal mines and mineral processing plants, quarries and sand pits, sea and river ports, quarries, mining of mineral raw materials, as well as in enterprises of other industries at an ambient temperature of minus 25 ° C to 60 ° C, dusty air max 200 mg/cm.sup.3 relative humidity 98% at 35 ° C, specific pressure on the drum is not more than 6 kg/cm2 working surface. The plates are used for lining driving, terminal and deflecting drums of belt conveyors.
The plates are used to increase the frictional bond metal drums of belt conveyors with rubber-or rubber-band, as well as protect the drums from pollution, wear and corrosion.
The plates are made the following species:
flame ТВ - intended for use in mines, open pit mining of the ore, non-metallic minerals, coal industries;
nonflammable (nonflammable) TГ - intended for use in underground mines, including coal mines, hazardous gas and dust, pithead coal mines, indoor coal plants.
General-OП - are intended for use in open-pit mines in the coking and other industries.
Example of designation readily flammable plate width 1200 mm, thickness 10 mm in order:
Plate lining TВ 1200 × 10 TУ 22.1-30487486-002: 2013.
The plates are manufactured in widths from 600 mm to 1200 mm.
Plates for lining driving, terminal and deflecting drums shall be made thick: (6,0 ± 0,8) mm, (8,0 ± 1,0) mm, (10,0 ± 1,0) mm,
(12,0 ± 1,2) mm.
At the request of the consumer can manufacture the plates of a different thickness.
Plate length should not exceed 20 m maximum permissible deviation of the length of the plate ± 3%