Production of uncured rubber compounds

"Arlite" Co.Ltd  along with rubber conveyor belts -start production of commodity uncured rubber compounds according to TU U 600152135.040-96.

    To date, crude rubber is of great importance to the modern industry. It is one of the most important raw materials. Chemical industry in the present day has managed to develop a rubber compounds whose physical characteristics allow to produce products of the various applications. The most important features of products made from high quality rubber compounds include high mechanical strength, resistance to various external irritants, excellent resistance to aggressive environments, the possibility to operate over a wide temperature range, and much more.

     Crude rubber - the basis for the production of various kinds of rubber products. Our company puts its own products a lot of testing before products get to the customer Rubber compounds have good chemical resistance, resistance to wear and impact of external mechanical damage. These qualities give the product excellent performance characteristics. Different mixtures are used in various environments.