Holding the show OSH 2013

At the initiative of the International Labour Organization, pursuant to the Decree of the President of Ukraine from 18.08.2006 № 685 "About Labor Protection Day", company held views on labor protection of production areas from 01 May to 01 October 2013.

The main objectives of the show included:
- Prevention of occupational accidents and occupational diseases , improvement of working conditions in the workplace .
- Intensification of preventive work of our staff to improve working conditions in the workplace;
- Attracting administration society to the problems of labor.

All professions and works developed and are reviewed timely labor safety instructions. To be eligible to perform hazardous work all workers are trained in special institutions. The enterprise has a commission for examination of the protection of labor, whose members were trained in institutions that are licensed and have a certificate.
Workplaces are equipped with special ventilation. Filter systems are installed in workplaces where there is dust release.

Workers are provided with special clothing, footwear and personal protective equipment. Food intake is carried out in rooms of ingestion. There are sanitary facilities for the prevention of occupational diseases.
Wet cleaning of industrial premises are made ??using machine for cleaning floors «K'A'RCHER».